Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tommy Thompson To Make Formal Announcement

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy G. Thompson will hold events in Wisconsin and Iowa on Wednesday, April 4, to announce he is running for President of the United States.

Have you heard anything yet about Tommy Thompson? I know only a little, but what I know so far sounds interesting. I'm not yet saying that this guy is the man to represent the Republican party in 2008, but check out these facts:

Tommy Thompson on Iraq: "There is no simple or perfect answer on how to achieve stability in Iraq. As we pursue the best answer, however, we need to start looking at the question differently. Instead of trying to force one Iraq upon people who dislike and distrust each other, we should focus our strategies on dividing Iraq into separate states, with each state providing a distinct home to the diverse cultures and religious sects of Iraq. At the same time, we should give the Iraqi people a stake in the success of their country by providing each person with royalties from the country's wealth of oil. The creation of distinct states - one for the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shiites - would form a confederation that allows each group to operate their local affairs in a manner that best suits its people, religious beliefs and culture, and goals for the future. These states would provide representation to a national government that would provide a defense for all of Iraq and an economic infrastructure."

Tommy Thompson's on Abortion: When former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson's daughter Tommi discovered ... that she had breast cancer, she harvested one egg before getting a mastectomy. That egg stayed frozen for 2½ years and was thawed out early last year. On Jan. 5, big sister and surrogate mother Kelli gave birth to Tommi's daughter and Thompson's fifth grandchild. "What a miracle baby," said Thompson. ... "I thought maybe there would be some icicles on it, but there weren't. ... It cemented my views on why I'm pro-life."

Tommy Thompson on the Tobacco Industry: "One of the most addictive (drugs) that's legal but it causes a tremendous amount of harm and nobody really is trying to regulate that, and that's nicotine," he said. "Nicotine killed 443,000 Americans last year. ... I don't think you'll make tobacco illegal, but I want to see nicotine regulated."

Tommy Thompson on Healthcare: He ... proposed transforming America's health care system into a "wellness system" that spends more money on prevention than illness, and is more affordable and accessible than the current system.

Tommy Thompson on the Republican Contenders: "I'm a reliable conservative. I believe I'm the only true reliable conservative there is. ... We became the party of no ideas. We became the party of spenders. We became the party of trying to live in Washington and being Washingtonians instead of trying to change Washington."

Tommy Thompson on Crime: "While no one likes to build prisons, there is an unmistakable correlation between rising prison populations and the lowest crime rates in 30 years. When the bad guys are behind bars, they’re not committing crimes." ... Gov. Thompson has added a protective layer of security around our playgrounds, and neighborhoods from sex offenders who prey on children by creating a “two strikes, you’re out” provision for serious child sex offenders. Any person convicted of a second sexual assault against a child will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. “Three Strikes, You’re Out” - Gets tough with habitual criminals with mandating life in prison for the third felony conviction. Truth in Sentencing -- The program is as straightforward as it sounds: a criminal will serve 100 percent of his or her sentence. No exceptions. No excuses. From now on, when a judge hands down a 20-year sentence, the criminal will serve 20 years behind bars. “We are weighting the scales of justice back in favor of the law-abiding citizens... .” Judges will now hand down two sentences: a prison sentence and an extended supervision sentence. The extended supervision sentence must be at least 25 percent of the prison sentence. Therefore, on a 20-year prison sentence, the criminal must spend at least five years under extended supervision after serving his sentence. As Governor, Thompson also eliminated time off for good behavior and replaced it with more time for bad behavior. Prison officials can now extend a disruptive prisoner’s time behind bars as well as transfer a prisoner to a more secure and strict prison. He created a “life means life” law that allows judges to sentence murderers to prison without the possibility of parole.

Tommy Thompson on Education & Gun Control: Thompson supports school vouchers (which he calls "pro-school choice"), is against gun control, and supports giving public funds, including monies for public education, to church-run programs. As Governor, he signed legislation creating school zones free of violence, guns and drugs. Crimes committed in these zones carry enhanced penalties. He also gave school administrators authority to search student lockers if they suspect weapons, drugs or other illegal materials may be in there.

Tommy Thompson on Taxes: Tax cuts are a sound investment in stronger families. ...He proposed a $339 million permanent income tax cut, the largest middle-class income tax cut in state history. As Governor, he cut taxes a remarkable 91 times saving the average Wisconsin family more than $8,400.

Tommy Thompson on Welfare: Require those “who can work to get a job and those who cannot to contribute according to their abilities.”

So, there's quite a bit there to think about. Have you really heard any other candidate with such original thinking? And what candidate have we seen so far who has the experience that Tommy Thompson has?

Hillary Clinton has no real administrative experience. Nor does Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Newt Gingrich, or even John McCain. With fourteen years as Governor of Wisconsin, experience in the Wisconsin State Assembly and as Secretary of Health & Human Services under President George W. Bush, Tommy Thompson brings vast experience and a proven track record to the table for the Republican party.

The only other candidate who even brings such original thinking as Tommy Thompson is Fred Thompson. I say this guy deserves a close look and a serious listening to.


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