Friday, April 6, 2007

Reader Comments

Reader comments on my post, Fred Thompson for President?:
Anonymous said:

Fred Thompson has a natural grassroots force run by everyday people and uncomparable to any other political machine. Should he decide to go for it, he CAN win the presidency. Find out why we believe this and why we, and so many other everyday American citizens have already committed to work tirelessly for Fred. Join more than 6,900 of us in the most important grassroots campaign ever!
Of course he can win the White House with enough support. Anyone can. That's the nature of our political system. I'll admit that Fred Thompon is one of the very few original thinkers in the campaign right now. And with the right movement, he can quite possibly defeat his Republican rivals for the nomination. But does he have what it takes to beat the Democrats heavy-hitters?

If the Republicans want to hold on to the White House in 2008 -- and I think that would be best for the country -- they need to quickly unite behind one candidate and build that candidate to be the best candidate period, not just the best Republican candidate.

Can Fred Thompson do that? Your thoughts?



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