Saturday, April 21, 2007

President Bush's Weekly Radio Address - UPDATED

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Looks like they recorded the podcast on Friday this week instead of Saturday, causing me to have the wrong link for the file. All should be working correctly now.

In his weekly radio address President Bush said, "This week, the thoughts and prayers of millions of Americans are with the victims of the Virginia Tech attacks. We mourn promising lives cut short. We pray for the wounded. And we send our love to those who are hurting. ... The day after the attack, Laura and I attended a memorial service on the campus in Blacksburg. We met with faculty members who lost students and colleagues, and shared hugs with grieving moms and dads -- including parents who had lost their only child. We offered what words of comfort we could, and we were moved by the solidarity and strength of spirit we found. We wanted everyone at the university to know that this tragedy saddened our entire Nation -- and that the American people stand with them in an hour of darkness."

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