Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Elaboration, As Promised

I mentioned earlier today that I believe President Bush gives us the straight scoop, not a bunch of political mumbo jumbo, and that I would elaborate on that tonight. Well, this is how I see it:

Think back to when President Bush was running for office in 2000. Do you remember him saying that he felt that God had called him to run for President? Do you remember? The liberal media made a big stink about how he thought that he was divinely appointed.

Here's how I look at it: who else would really do what President Bush has done if they were in the White House? Hear me out on this. Pause for just a moment and think of all of the candidates running in 2000. Go all the way back to before the primaries, when there were about 75 Democrats and 90 Republicans who wanted to be the next President of the United States. You don't even have to narrow it down to John Kerry, you can consider the entire field of Presidential hopefuls from both sides of the aisle. Go on, give yourself a minute. I'll wait.

No, seriously, take your time. I'll wait.

Got it? Can you picture all of the mumbo-jumboists that clogged the airwaves throughout the campaign? Okay, hold on to that. You're not quite done yet. Now, I want you to narrow that huge field of blowhards down to just one person. Not just any one person, but the one person (if one exists) that you think could have done a better job of responding to the attacks of 9/11 and provided better protection than President Bush has done.

You don't have to agree with President Bush. Forget about that for a moment. Forget about whether you support the war or not. Forget about whether you think the President like -- or manipulated intelligence. Forget about whether you think we should pull out of Iraq now, set a timetable, or see it through to victory. Drop all of your biases. Okay, I guess that might take a little time, too. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Long enough? No? Okay. I can be patient.

Maybe not that patient, because whatever you believe, you are probably so set in your belief that you can't forget your biases. That's okay, I understand, most people are that way.

But here's my point. Just what if President Bush was called by God to lead our country in this time of chaos? Think about it. Could Bill Clinton have done the job? I vote no. How about George Bush 41? He had his shot at Saddam and didn't finish the job. Again, no. Ronald Reagan? Yeah, I think he could have handled the situation, but unfortunately we will never find another man of his caliber to put in the White House.

And here's why I think that George Bush just may have been called by God for his present role. Name just one politician that would actually do what he feels is right in the face of this diversity without bowing to partisan politics. Fat chance!

But that's exactly what George W. Bush has done. He has done what he feels is right and best for our country, regardless of what public opinion or political correctness might dictate. That, my friend, is integrity, and why -- even with all of his shortcomings -- George W. Bush is probably the best man to guide our country through all that we've experienced since 9/11.

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