Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation Day Five: Midway

Today was the midpoint of my vacation. Four days left. It wasn't so
relaxing as the past four days have been. While I haven't been called
on by work yet, I have received some email that indicates there will
be issues I have to deal with when I return. Issues that should be
dealt with in my absence. Issues that shouldn't even be issues.

What was supposed to be just a relaxing, do nothing day turned out to
be speckled with a little work-related stress. Nothing major, but more
than a person wants to deal with while on vacation.

I spent the better part of the morning finishing book four in Dean
Koontz's Frankenstein saga (see review posted earlier), then ran out
for a much needed and much enjoyed haircut. I go to what I believe is
the best barber shop in Indiana -- Bob's Barber Shop on U.S. Highway
40 in Cumberland, just east of Indianapolis. I've written about it
before -- search it.

After my haircut I gave the lawn a much needed haircut. My weed eater
-- an actual Weed Eater brand trimmer -- is always a great source of
stress. But with some good inspirational music in my ears, all went

Since then, it's been just me and the kids, as their mother is out
with one of her friends, getting a little break of her own. We ran to
Redbox and picked up a Spongebob DVD and some ice cream, then had a
junk food movie night. Now, while I wait for my wife to arrive home,
it's time to start another book.

Tomorrow, maybe the Zoo, then camping out in the yard with my boy.

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