Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation Day Six

That was yesterday, actually. Our plans changed from going to the
Indianapolis Zoo to taking a short road trip to Ikea. The wife asked,
and I gave in, so we loaded up the car and headed for that shoppers'
mecca, where my wife exercised surprising restraint in her spending.
I've never been crazy about Ikea and frankly don't see what the appeal
of it is for women.

I can say the same thing of Garden Ridge, which was our second stop.
Now that our yard is fenced in, my wife has been in the market for a
patio set, and she'll go just about anywhere to find it.

Before heading back home we stopped at a United Dairy Farmers for ice
cream. See, you just can't get ice cream like that in Indy. Not
hand-dipped in a cone, anyway.

After returning home I set up the tent in the backyard so the kids and
I could camp out. We were slaying monsters and guarding the house with
our faithful monster-eating Chihuahua, Nacho.

The worst part of the day was learning that my District Manager went
into my store and had a fit about staffing. He sent my Assistant out
recruiting and I spent the entire drive reviewing applications and
calling people to schedule interviews. What started as a nice,
relaxing vacation has quickly turned into one not so relaxing.

Today, the Zoo, I think. We'll see if I can find any peace among the cheetahs.

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