Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation Day Eight...

...Only one day left.

Nine days off might seem like a pretty nice stretch, but it sure does
go by fast. Then again, I think a vacation of any duration probably
goes by too fast.

Today was a pretty much do nothing kind of day. No major project
(other than cleaning and fixing my grill and cleaning and organizing
the garage), no trips, just a little rest and relaxation around the

The garage turned out to take a little longer than I anticipated
because it has been the victim of several home projects (hardwood
flooring, cabinet refinishing, dining room table restaining,
repainting a hutch, and the list goes on). We've accomplished quite a
bit around the house in the first half of 2010, but there's so much
more we want to get done in the second half. Our house has become so
much more of a home this year.

Since we moved here, I've contemplated taking a dive into local
politics. Very local. Subdivision local. I've played with the idea of
running for a position on our Home Owners Association board. A couple
of months ago I volunteered to head up the Crime Watch Committee.
Today I found a couple of former board members (including a former
President of the board) encouraging me to run for President in
September. The current President and Vice President are ineffective
and potentially corrupt. I'm giving it some serious consideration.

Of course, work once again invaded my vacation. I had to join a
thirty-minute company-wide conference call that covered information
that could have just as effectively been put out through some form of
electronic communication. I'm getting used to work running into my
time off, though. I'm just lucky to have an understanding and
supportive family.

Tomorrow, for my last vacation day, I plan to do nothing more than
take down the tent and grill me a steak on my newly repaired grill in
my nice back yard. It's been a nice eight days.

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