Friday, June 25, 2010

One Down, Eight To Go

Vacation Day One is almost over. We filled up the kids pool and let
them splash around, set up the canopy swing in the backyard (getting
ready for our new fence tomorrow), and picked up our new (to us)
stainless steel refrigerator.

After spending half the morning tracking down the seller of our
refrigerator and looking for a truck, we finally rented a truck from
Home Depot that had a bed so high it was almost impossible to load and
unload. In fact, the refrigerator started to get away from us
unloading and it got a couple dents in the side and one of the door
handles. Now we're trying to find a new handle and figure out how to
get the dents out of the side (and no, Ding King does not work).

Tomorrow morning our yard will finally be fenced in (after 2-1/2
years). We'll probably hit some yard sales after the fence crew
arrives, then come home and set the kids trampoline up (I haven't put
it out since someone tried to steal it two years ago and I almost hit
it in the middle of the street). It'll be nice to let the kids and
dogs run free in the yard for a change.

As bad as the dings in the refrigerator may be, it's a lot less
stressful than going to work would have been. And to end the day on a
positive note, the Reds smashed the Indians 10 to 1.
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