Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation Day Four

A mostly relaxing vacation day today, as my time off nears the midway
point. We went to see "Toy Story 3," a good movie, but the 3-D effects
weren't worth the price of the glasses. Lots of great new movies
coming out later this year, though, including the next installment of

The kids got to play on their trampoline for the first time in two
years. Cassidy has no memory of ever playing on it before. Now that
the yard is fenced in I'm not worried about someone trying to steal it

No major plans for tomorrow yet. We'll be going to the Indianapolis
Zoo some time this week, and the kids and I will set up our tent and
camp out in the backyard one night.

Tonight, I'm just feeling sick from eating too much junk at the movie.
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