Friday, October 26, 2007

Internet Tax Ban: “The Right Thing”

A candidate who understands that the Internet is more than a series of tubes:

Fred File – The Friends of Fred Thompson Blog » Blog Archive » Internet Tax Ban: “The Right Thing”:

"Posted on October 26th, 2007 By Fred in Internet, Economics, Taxes

American taxpayers are hit with enough taxes, state-mandated ‘fees’ and ’surcharges’ whether on the state or local level. That’s why Congress did the right thing last night by agreeing to extend the ban on consumers’ Internet access taxes. Broadband is the technology that is revolutionizing the way people communicate, learn, manage their finances, and even receive health care. It’s integral to our ability to compete in the global marketplace. Now isn’t the time to kill a golden goose that will help our nation’s future prosperity and that’s what new taxes on Internet and broadband would do.”"

Be aware, this tax ban is not yet a done deal. The House and the Senate still have to come to agreeable terms before it can go to the President to be signed into law.


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