Monday, October 8, 2007

Pre-pay? No Way!

I'm sure I have ranted about this before, but as I'm writing this on my Palm handheld device, I can't readily search the archives to give you a link. Just check the tag "gasoline" for more.

On my way home from work tonight I stopped for gasoline. For the sake of convenience, and because I wanted a nice, hot coffee, too, I stopped at a Meijer gas station. I pulled to the pump, hopped from the car, and stuck the pump nozzle into the tank, planning to pay cash inside for both gasoline and coffee.

"Pump two, you'll need to pay inside, all pumps are pre-pay." Now, not only did it not say pre-pay anywhere on my pump of choice, but I also had no intention whatsoever of pre-paying for my gas.

You see, I wanted a fill-up, and I just haven't found a gas station yet that can tell me how much a fill up costs. Twenty dollars? Thirty? Nobody knows. All they could tell me was $2.669 per gallon. They had no idea how many gallons I would need, and neither did I.

So I drove off from Meijer to the nearest Kroger gas station, which did not ask me to pre-pay for my gas before knowing how much I needed. You don't pre-pay for drinks at a bar. You don't pre-pay for food at a restaurant (fast food hardly qualifies as restaurants).

The way I see it, when a gas station can tell me exactly how much fuel will fit into my tank at the time of pumping, I'll pre-pay for my gas. Until then, No Way!


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