Sunday, October 7, 2007

Moving Forward Into The Past

Since picking my computer up from the Toshiba Authorized Service Provider, giving up on Linux and reinstalling Windows Vista, I've taken quite a few technological steps backward in order to be a bit more advanced.

I've sold my Palm TungstenT3 and Sony Clie on eBay and started using my Palm Zire 72 again. It's nice to have picture and video capability again.

I've found that Palm now offers a version of their PalmDesktop software that is compatible with Vista, so I can now sync my handheld and notebook computer.

I've found that Softick now offers a version of their PPP program that is compatible with Vista, so I once again have online access via my handheld thru my notebook computer. That's how I'm posting this entry now, using HBlogger from Normsoft.

I've even installed Skype, and will soon be doing live interviews for my podcast.

It's nice to go back to the future sometimes.


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