Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hectic Week

This has been a mixed up, hectic week at work. I'm still
trying to clean up the store I took over in August, which
has been a rather difficult task with staffing shortages,
etc. I've done some twenty interviews with applicants over
the past 2-1/2 weeks, just to find five decent employees.
I'm almost staffed to the level I need, but those new employees
are untrained.

This week, with year-end inventory coming up in less than
two weeks, I have in-depth inventory preparations that need
done, several merchandising initiatives that are overdue,
I had a meeting in Dayton, Ohio, on Wednesday, an internal
audit on Thursday, a corporate visitor on Friday, and I
have to go to another store on Tuesday (next week) to help
them with their inventory. I just feel lately like I can't
get anything done because more commitments just keep coming
at me.

It can all just be a bit stressful, and I needed to let that out.


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