Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hecticity (Is That Even A Word?)

If not, it should be. I can't think of a better way to describe the current state of everything. At home, at work, and online, my life is in a constant state of hecticity.

The past week has been nuts, getting ready for an upcoming inventory, on the heels of a huge recruiting push to get the store staffed with some good people, while at the same time trying to stay ready for an internal audit and a visit from Area-level Directors.

The audit -- which occurs every single month in my store, hit on Thursday. Which just happens to be the same day that I receive my weekly replenishment shipment from the Distribution Center. That, of course, made things a bit more hectic -- trying to receive, check-in, and put away a semi-trailer full of merchandise while at the same time having to answer the questions of the internal auditor, hoping to get the best score possible.

I didn't get the best score possible. In fact, I scored a 50%, which is clearly only half of the best score possible, and 30% below what is required to pass. But, it doesn't really surprise me a great deal, and I'm okay with it. The areas that need correction will be easily corrected, and I should have no problem getting a passing score on the next audit. Why so many audits so frequently? Because my predecessor had such terrible year-end inventory results last year that the store has been labeled one of only two "target stores" in the District, requiring monthly audits to ensure that we are taking the necessary steps to improve our inventory results this year.

The very next day, the auditor was still in my store to "assist me" with an "action plan" to address the areas of deficiency from the audit. It's not like I actually need any assistance identifying what my predecessor messed up before leaving the company. In fact, I could have used the assistance recruiting two weeks ago. Now, all I need is a little time to get my new employees past the learning curve and address the areas requiring attention. Thanks for playing. Next!

In addition to the auditor being in my store the next day, there were two Area-level Directors, getting in my hair and in the way, walking through the store assessing the condition of the store and the level of my preparedness for the upcoming inventory. Routine stuff, but nonetheless annoying.

After putting in a long week, I have a very rare two-day weekend (I'm usually working on Saturdays). Some much needed time with the family. A yard sale this morning that so far has been very unsuccessful! I think we've taken in a total of fifty cents so far, and it's been going on two hours now. Not a great day for a yard sale, I guess. Lots going on around the area this weekend. Several other large community yard sales, the Newport Hill Climb, Pioneer Days (which we'll be taking the kids to this afternoon), and just general autumness -- people out enjoying the beautiful Indiana weather.

I can't seem to find the time lately to sit down and record the next episode of Average Joe Radio. I tried to put one together last night, using a different mic to try to improve the audio levels, and it only succeeded in introducing more background noise. Maybe tonight.

On top of all of that, there are four other stores in the general vicinity that I have to go to over the next month-and-a-half to assist with their inventory processes. Oh, and Christmas is rapidly approaching.

Hecticity? says it isn't a word. I say it is!


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