Monday, February 22, 2010

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Mitch Daniels Now "Open" to 2012 Presidential Run

Mitch DanielsFrom Washington Post: Daniels said he has had a number of conversations in recent months, "none initiated by me," where the question of a 2012 campaign came up. "Just to get them off my back, I agreed to a number of people that I will now stay open to the idea," he said. ...

"From now to a year-plus from now, that's all I'm going to do," he said. "And if these people are still around, and still not fully satisfied with the field, and if I don't see anybody who's raising what I think of as the survival issues for the country, I guess I'd listen, if it's not too late, which it might well be. I've told people if it's too late, so be it."

I can't think of anything better that could happen to America in 2012. He's a proven leader, with proven results. None of that hopenchange bull so many fell for two years ago.

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