Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Giving Up Socnets For Lent

It's a bit late, maybe, but I decided yesterday (after posting one update to Twitter, Facebook, et. al.) to give up online social networking for Lent. I'm not Catholic, and I don't usually do this Lent thing. But I do want to grow ever closer to my Creator and Savior, and that's what Lent is all about; eliminating a source of distraction in your life and shifting that focus to God.

Twitter, Facebook, and the myriad other social networking sites (including newcomer Google Buzz) can certainly be a source of great distraction. So, other than some already set up automated processes like blog posts being added to my feeds, etc., I will not be updating any of the social media outlets until after Lent (Easter Sunday). I will not be reading the feeds, catching the Tweets, or following the Buzz. I will, instead, be pushing myself to shift the time I would have spent on social networking toward enriching my relationship with the Creator of all things.

Starting now, as I dig back into the book of Job; yet another great man who walked with God. Watch for a new SOAP entry about him here soon.

Send me your thoughts.
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