Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Google Buzz

Google BuzzIf you, like most connected people online, use Gmail for your email, or Twitter or Facebook for social networking, or just read one of the many tech blogs, you've probably already heard about Google Buzz. This isn't a review, really, or an endorsement -- I've barely had half a day to play around with it -- it's more of just an informational tool. A conversation starter.

Google Buzz, like any other social networking tool, allows you to connect with friends to share status updates, blog posts, videos, pictures, recommended reading, and more. What is nicest about Buzz is that it is integrated with Gmail. And Google Reader. And I'm not yet sure what else. I wonder if Google has any plans to integrate it with Jaiku -- the social networking site they purchased but seem to have done nothing with.

Buzz pulls in feeds from all your social networking sites and blogs, but doesn't push Buzz posts to them. I find that odd, as it allows you to use Buzz as a central information site while putting posts everywhere else, but doesn't allow you to use Buzz as the one source to feed all those other sites. It seems to me that would make more sense.

Either way, Google Buzz is pretty interesting. I haven't decided yet just how much I like it. Stay tuned for more on that.

Im the mean time, send me your thoughts.
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