Monday, February 8, 2010

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Post Super Bowl Thoughts

The big game is over, and fans of the Indianapolis Colts are experiencing emotions that range from disappointment to anger, embarrassment to frustration, and just about everything in between. I am one of the very few people living in Indianapolis who is not a Colts fan. I'm originally from Cincinnati, which makes me a Reds fan. Yeah, that's my point exactly -- baseball, not football.

But I went to a Super Bowl party and watched the game, and like every red-blooded American male, I cheered and jeered at the plays and calls by the officials (and the lack of several penalties that should have been imposed against New Orleans). But that's not what I'm writing about, believe it or not. I'm writing about people.

My wife and I were invited to a Super Bowl party by some friends of hers. I've met some of these people, but really barely know them. The women all belong to a group which is supported by one of the local churches. Most of the people in this group go to this church. My wife and I do not -- we attend a different church.

Now maybe I shouldn't be writing about this, because there will certainly be a certain type of person who takes great satisfaction in what I'm going to write. But, here I go.


This group of people who attend the same church and get together quite frequently for similar events has some strange characters in it. One in particular was sitting next to my son and I during the game. At one point in the game he had the same reaction that probably millions of Colts fans had: he began cursing. He used words like -- pardon me while I censor myself -- PU&@%*S and PI$&@D, and at one point just barely stopped himself from using the grand-daddy of all four letter words, well, you know which one. But not soon enough for others to be fooled.

The problem is, his language was wholly inappropriate for the company he was in (not that there is ever an appropriate time to use such language). I was shocked. Others in the group who probaboy know him better just ignored him. I don't know how. If I knew him better, I would have chastised him for using such language period, much less at a gathering of a small church group with very young children in the room.

I guess I really don't have much to say about it. And certainly someone somewhere is saying that it's not at all surprising because all Christians are hypocrites. Well, we aren't, and it is.

I'm not a big fan of Super Bowl parties. Or other similar gatherings. It wasn't what I would call a great time. And, deep inside, I feel a nagging sense of guilt for exposing my six year old son to the foul mouth of the one bad apple in the group. If my boy heard those words, and I can't imagine how he wouldn't, that's something I can never undo.

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