Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Audit Mishap

It was last November when I ranted about failing an audit at work. Well, it has happened again. I know, if I'm the one who has failed the audit, of course I'm going to gripe about it, and say it wasn't fair, and that my store should have passed. But, the thing it, that's true. Click the link above to read about last year's audit. Then read on. Go ahead, I'll wait......

Okay, so out of nearly twenty stores in my District, only one has passed this LP audit so far this year. Only one. My turn came around this week. And we scored several of the points that no other store has been able to score the points on. Several very difficult categories to pass, and we hit them on the head and passed them. We had a couple of stupid mistakes in two areas that cost us some points, but even with those we would have passed the audit. Until points were deducted for an inventory discrepancy on an item that is actually not missing. The item is open and has been slightly used in my store, and was added back into inventory because I had planned on using it as a display unit. After the item was cleaned up, it was clearly not clean enough to be a display unit, so I decided not to put it on the sales floor. This item is here, in my store, just as my inventory says it is, but the Auditor decided to deduct the points because it was not on the sales floor. Nowhere on the audit does it say that the item has to be on the sales floor in order for the points to be awarded.

I had this audit passed, until these points were unfairly deducted for an item that was never missing.

There, I griped about it. I'm frustrated, but I got it out of my system.

Thanks for listening!


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