Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of Clay Aiken Fans

I took my wife to Columbus, Ohio, Saturday night to see her favorite singer, Clay Aiken, in concert. It was a "Picnic With The Pops" concert, and it was the largest crowd this program has ever seen.

Here are some videos, and my Twitter posts from the evening. The video will be clearer for you if you first increase the brightness on your computer monitor.

Hundreds of Clay Aiken fans waiting at his bus after the concert for a glimpse of their idol.


When security decided to move the throng of fans to the sidewalk for Clay to make a quick pass by -- and there were literally hundreds of fans in the throng, this is a brief view of what it looked like.


And finally, when Clay made his way around the sidewalk to very rapidly shake hands with and thanks hundreds of waiting fans, this is what they saw.




Anonymous said...

I was there. It was great. Clay is not only an incredible performer, but also a generous, appreciative one. Thank you so much for posting this video.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting up this video. It was estimated that up to 2,500 people were in line, based on a google/earth picture showing the path of where the line started and where it ended.

LoverAllAlone, the extra track off iTunes, should have been the first single. Obviously Clive and TPTB do not 'get it' or don't want to 'get it' for whatever the reasons.

However, the Columbus reviewer 'got it' regarding Lover All Alone (LAA). Clay knows how to write - and deliver - a song.

Can't wait until his next CD comes out.

Clive - if you're reading - here is the person you could be supporting more. 12,000 in the crowd - without so much as ATDW being properly promoted.

Oh, and can you find this album in the stores? NO!

But to find LAA you need to go to iTunes and buy the album there. The only way you get LAA is to buy the whole album. The most beautiful song off the album - and it was a bonus track. Clive believes AI's can't write their own material.

Obviously, Clive needs to listen up. To you and to thousands of listeners of the song at each venue. To all those who are remaining absolutely spellbound and quiet during that song as Clay unleashes his soul.

Thank you for the video

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