Monday, December 12, 2005

Why Fathers Are Ill-Equipped To Be Nursemaids

You didn't really think I can tell you why, did you? Because we're men, that's why. That part is obvious. What I'm going to tell you is why I know that fathers are ill-equipped to be nursemaids.

Last night was a very long night. I sat up with my sick son until 4:00 this morning, while my pregnant wife lie in bed sick. Every time my two-year-old little boy would throw up, it would break my heart. After the first couple of times he learned how to tell that it was coming on. He would then tell me he was going to throw up by opening his mouth and pointing in at his throat.

This is when a Daddy goes into action. I swiftly picked my son up off my lap and dropped to the floor with him, holding him over an old baby blanket to keep the mess off the carpet. If you think being sick yourself and throwing up is a bad thing, I think I would take that any day over seeing my wife and unsuspecting son throwing up all night long.

My son didn't like being held over the blanket. He squirmed and thrashed trying to get away, all the while throwing up. With so much kicking and squirming, I couldn't keep him from landing on the blanket in his own vomit.

He would then try to stand up, but he was so weak after throwing up that his poor little legs wouldn't hold him. He would finish in tears with his Daddy mopping up the mess around him. I'm not too proud to say that I was nearly in tears, too.

My son's plumbing finally stopped erupting around 4:00 am, and he fell asleep on my lap on the living room floor. So far today, he seems fine.

My wife, on the other hand, still lies in bed with stomach cramps and nausea, with our loyal Dalmatian laying at her side. My biggest concern now is that my wife and unborn child pull out of this soon, as well.

Fathers aren't generally equipped to handle the nurturing duties of a sick family.


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