Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fw: Stand with IFI and oppose Gay Rights Ordinance 622!

Gay Rights Ordinance 622 Passes Committee, final vote of full Council Monday, December 19th

The radical left is attempting to equate a person's sexual behavior with one's race or religion through Proposition 622. Their goal is to convince the public, through government action, that homosexuality is a lifestyle that should be promoted. We must not allow such a radical proposal to become the law of the land in Marion County.

On December 5th, the Rules and Public Policy Committee of the Indianapolis City-County Council met and discussed Proposal 622. This ordinance would add "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to the discrimination law in Marion County. IFI President Curt Smith was there to testify against the ordinance and no vote was taken. This same Committee met again last night and though IFI was once again there to oppose the ordinance, it passed by a vote of 5-3.

Now the only barrier stopping Prop. 622 from becoming law in Marion County is the final vote within the City-County Council meeting coming up this Monday, December 19th. Between now and then we need your help to stop this unneeded and misguided policy!

If you live in Marion County you need to let your Council member know that you oppose Prop. 622.

The gay activists are letting their voices be heard. They have shown up in large numbers at the aforementioned hearings and they are contacting their Council members every day! However, there are more of us than there are of them. We can defeat this ordinance but you must do your civic duty!

Please contact the City County Council right now and let them know that you oppose Proposition 622.

The attached document contains the contact information for your Council Member or you can click on this link for an online version.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

- Edmund Burke

Click here to read the actual language of Proposition 622.

For more information read the following IFI article:

Does Marion County have a Homosexual Discrimination Problem?

by Ryan McCann

Does Marion County have a homosexual discrimination problem? According to gay activists and their friends in the Indianapolis City-County Council, the answer is yes. City-County Council member Jackie Nytes is one of these friends. Such a friend, in fact, that she is the presenting co-sponsor of Proposition 622 (additional co-sponsors are Councilman Keller, Boyd, Gray, Langsford, Mahern, Mansfield, Sanders, Bowes, Brown, Oliver and Conley), a measure intended to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” along side immutable characteristics like “race” and “sex” into Marion county discrimination law.

The supporters of Proposition 622 give emotional personal appeals of discrimination they have faced in Marion County, such as being fired from their jobs or denied housing because of their “sexual orientation,” or “gender identity.” However, these anecdotal appeals are not tested and lack the reliability that true scientifically generated statistics would bring. Can supporters point to unbiased, scientifically based statistics proving that systematic discrimination against homosexuals and cross-dressers takes place in Marion County? No. The anecdotal stories put forward by these homosexual activists are unscientific and hardly unbiased. Common sense would lead one to believe that had at least a few of the employers or landlords involved in these stories been questioned, the casual observer would arrive at a far different perspective than based on the allegations of the homosexual activists alone.

However, many members of the Indianapolis City-County Council seem swayed by this biased, anecdotal evidence. Despite the fact that there is no pressing reason to pass Prop. 622 from a public policy perspective, they seem convinced on an emotional level. This is rather ironic when you realize that by giving into the emotional appeals of these homosexual activists, the Council will really be encouraging the very worldview that brings this group such pain and loneliness. These activists want public acceptance of their lifestyle just as much if not more than they want to change discrimination law. When “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are placed within the law, they feel that it will move them a step forward towards societal acceptance of their lifestyle, even equivalent to the marital relationship of a husband and a wife.

What’s sad is that the acceptance they crave cannot be given by government bodies. Many times sexual abuse, family problems and/or painful relationships have wounded these individuals, leaving them vulnerable to the deception of homosexuality. The wounds are only inflamed by government encouragement of their lifestyle. Picture a boy who is beaten by his father to the point of blinding him. This blind boy approaches two doors and a door keeper. The first door leads to healing. The second will lead him to continue his wandering. The door keeper pats the boy on the head and leads him through the second door, to continue his blind wandering.

The door keeper is the Indianapolis City-County Council. The blind man represents those who are wounded and deceived by homosexuality. Homosexuals are often wounded at key times in their childhood, this combined with attributes and interests that often lead them to become loners from members of their own sex leave them vulnerable to homosexuality. The door keeper (government) endorses the homosexual lifestyle in law, leading the blind boy (individuals deceived by homosexuality) through the door of pain and loneliness rather than helping him to find the door that leads to healing.

Healing only comes from confronting the wounds that have lead to the lifestyle, not from government pandering and misdirection. Government codification of sexual practices within the law will further entrench homosexuals into the lifestyle, because the ideas that ensnare people into the homosexual lifestyle are promoted specifically through arguments that are used to pass “gay rights.” “Homosexuals are born with their sexual orientation.” “Homosexuality is not changeable.” “Any opposition to the homosexual lifestyle if bigotry.”

Whether we like it or not, citizens look to the government for basic guidance of right and wrong. Government promotion of homosexuality will harm more homosexuals than it will help. Even those citizens who are questioning their “sexual orientation” will be affected by this misguided public policy. It is a classic example of the blind leading the blind.

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