Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fw: Gay Rights Ordinance Passes-- What's next for the Gay Agenda?!

Gay Rights Ordinance Passes, only the beginning of the gay rights agenda in Indiana

The Indiana Family Institute, along side many other conservative organizations, activists, pastors and citizens took a stand against the gay rights agenda and lost an important battle Monday night in the Indianapolis City-County Council. This gay rights measure (Prop. 622) had been soundly defeated in April, 18-11, but with some back room deals and arm twisting it passed Monday night by a vote of 15-14. It is widely rumored that Council President Steve Talley (D) and Scott Keller (R) cut a deal in order to get their pet policies, the gay rights measure (Keller) and the police consolidation (Talley) through, both of which failed earlier this year. Republicans Scott Keller and Lance Langsford had both previously voted against the police merger, but changed their votes this time around. In return, Democrat councilmen Abduallah, Gibson and Talley, along with Republican Langsford switched and voted for the gay rights ordinance.

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For more on the vote, including a tally of how council members voted, go to this Indianapolis Star article.

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