Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Random thoughts I've had lately.

My new book is available, and as I work on recording the Audiobook version of it, I find myself running across several things that I think I could have done just a little differently. Ways that I could have expanded the story. I remind myself constantly that I was working under the strict timeline of National Novel Writing Month while I wrote it, but I didn't have such a deadline while I edited it and prepared it for publication. I could have taken just a bit more time to do a better rewrite of the book.

It's my first book, and I'll have to be happy with it. I plan to start writing the sequel in May -- when any deadlines I have will be self-imposed and, therefore, flexible. I have some great ideas for the sequel, and feel that the storyline really has some great places to go in book two.

Speaking of books (and this post will be about more than books, but while I'm on the topic...), I'm enjoying a reread of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein saga, as I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the third book in the tale. I had to order the third book from, as the book doesn't appear to have any planned release date in the U.S. yet. It's a sad thing, really, as I know that many, many readers are eager to learn what happens next to Deucalion and Victor Helios.

Stay tuned for my review -- I expect the book to arrive sometime in mid to late April.

Presidential SealI've been paying a slight bit of attention to the many ways in which (I think) Barack Obama is screwing up America. I've been watching, and I've been wondering why, as a country, we allow the person holding the highest office in the land to run for reelection. I find myself wondering if much of what Barack Obama does is designed to earn himself reelection.

It seems that from the moment a President takes the Oath of Office, he is running for reelection. Then, upon winning reelection, the moment he takes his second Oath of Office, he is considered a Lame Duck because someone else is already running to succeed him. It seems to me that our government would be much more effective and efficient if we immediately eliminated the possibility of reelection for our President and lengthened his only term to six years. This would enable the man elected to be the leader of the free world to actually do what is best for the country without fear of polls and second terms.

In addition, I think we should immediately enact term limits for the Senate and the House of Representatives. We have men and women (I could name some, but I won't) in Washington right now that have served in the Senate for so long that they are beholden to too many people to actually be effective. I voted for John McCain for President, but frankly, he needs to leave the Senate. Instead, he is already running for reelection on the heels of his failed White House bid and two years before his term is up.

Highway TrafficOver the past week or two, it seems that my commute to work has been quite dangerous. Traffic on Indy's Interstate 70 can be quite dense at times, but lately it seems that cars are moving at sixty and seventy miles per hour with mere feet between them and the cars that surround them.

I'm also starting to think that my car is invisible. It seems that other motorists frequently decide to place their car where mine is, whether I want them to or not. At least once a morning I find that if I don't stay alert and nimble, I'm likely to be (literally) pushed aside. Come on, people, can we really be in such a hurry all the time?

MoneyAnd one more thing, and I think this one could be a product of the way our country has been headed over the past two months or so. What is it with everyone who expects everyone else to pay the price for their mistakes? I'm not just talking about things like bankruptcy and welfare, or panhandling (which has become even more common in Indianapolis recently). At work, I find people who come in and expect my company to actually help them to pay for services that they have to pursue elsewhere because we are unable to provide them. People who have actually tried to falsely claim that my company was responsible for damage to their property -- and when called on the carpet about it, they don't even apologize for their deception after confessing their guilt.

Come on, America! What is happening to us? Is this really what we want to become? A nation of people who would rather sit back and let others do for us? There is a billboard in Indianapolis for Citizens Gas that shows a picture of a Black (is that politically correct now?) woman saying, "What are you doing to lower my gas bills?" Really?!? I see that stupid billboard every morning on my way to work (maybe that's what is distracting other drivers as they cut me off), and every morning I answer, "How about turning down the stinking thermostat!" Really, whose responsibility is it? I manage my utility bills by managing my utility use. That's the way I was brought up. Not thinking that someone else was going to foot the bill for me!

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