Friday, March 13, 2009

The YMCA and My Bicycle

YMCAThe wife and I were up until midnight last night, talking. Among other things, we discussed just how we can find ways to spend more us time together. One of the conclusions we came to was working out together.

My wife currently does yoga at home, runs on the treadmill -- even has an elliptical machine. But the way it works now, I come home from work, spend time with the kids after dinner while my wife does yoga or runs on the treadmill, then we bury our noses in our computers, and eventually go to bed. I haven't been getting myself any real exercise.

So, today we headed out to the YMCA  and took advantage of a special promotion they're running over the weekend: no registration fee if you sign up by Monday. It usually costs $100 registration fee plus the monthly membership fee to join the Y, so this promotion saved us $100. After a brief tour of the facility (there are several in Indy, at all of which our membership is valid), we signed up for membership.

I then picked up my recently repaired bicycle (a Specialized Crossroads 21-speed), which I am quite excited about. I bought the bike used from a neighbor very cheap last fall, and even after having some minor repairs done, I still have very little money invested in it. My plan is, on days that we don't go to the YMCA for a workout together, I'll go on a bicycle ride around the neighborhood for exercise.

We later returned to the Y for an hour-long workout. It was nice, my wife and I on the ellipticals together, running on the treadmill, the bicycle machine. According to the machines, I burned about three-hundred calories in the hour. Now, two hours later, my muscles are relaxed and rested. I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel it, but it was refreshing, and it was something I enjoyed doing with my wife.

And I can't go on for so long about the YMCA without sharing this:

Direct video link.

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