Friday, December 28, 2007

Moving -- Update

So we're in our new home tonight. I posted frequent updates of the entire move process to Pownce and/or Twitter. If you're really interested in the struggle of one man to move his family half way across the state of Indiana (which isn't very far, really) in one day, you can check it all out there.

Basically, it took me nine hours to load the truck (five last night and four this morning), and I packed it as full as I could possible pack it. We left behind at the old house all of our outdoor furniture as well as several items inside the house that I'll be going to retrieve tomorrow while my wife continues to unpack in the new house.

After making the drive to Indy, it took me less than four hours to unload everything into the garage, where it's all staged to be brought into the house and unpacked in an orderly fashion. As orderly as my wife can manage, anyway. I haven't been able to reassemble our daughter's crib or put the couches back in place because my wife, who was put in charge of keeping track of the hardware for the items, either packed it away in an unknown box somewhere or left it behind, as well. So our daughter will be sleeping with us tonight.

Right now, I'm about worn out for the day. It's still early, really, and there's so much that could still be done tonight, but my body's telling me it's time to take it easy. I may listen, I may not.

Tomorrow I head north to Fishers, Indiana, to pick up a table that my wife found on Craigslist for our breakfast nook. Then it's back west to the old house to retrieve as much of what we left behind as possible. And, again, we'll be heading back west on Sunday (the entire family) to clean up the old place, hand over the keys, and go to church.

I've always hated moving, but this time, as much as I hate it, it's a great feeling to be moving into our own house. Now, I better get back downstairs and see if I can give my wife a hand.


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