Sunday, December 16, 2007

Connection Timed Out Error

Connection Timed OutI've been having a little trouble with my Domain Registrar lately. I have domain forwarding/masking set up so that when you type or click on a link to go to, you're taken to the actual Blogger hosted location of my site,, and the address bar on your browser still displays It's a pretty basic and simple service involving the use of an empty frame in which the actual page is loaded.

Anyway, over the past couple of days, there have been problems loading this forwarding page, and you get something like the error pictured above. This infuriates me on one point (you can't access the page via the domain I paid for and registered), and makes me glad at the same time that the page isn't actually hosted by the registrar (you can still access the page at it's Blogger location).

So for those of you reading this in an RSS reader, or via email, please, for the time being, point your browsers to I will update you when things are working properly again.


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