Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Officially Official!

As of today, the deal is made official! My last day with my current employer will be this Friday, June 15. My first day with my new employer will be Monday, June 18. Here are the biggest benefits to making this change:
  • No more 2 hour (each way) commute. I'll be able to make it in fifteen minutes, and that's hitting every light red!
  • No more lousy benefits plan! I'll be on a traditional benefits plan, with no wait (coverage effective July 1), and all for $55 less per paycheck! That means my wife and I can once again discuss whether we want to have another baby or not.
  • Advancement potential! There will be nine new positions available this year that I can advance into, growing my income and future potential.
That's the big three. There are so many more reasons that my wife and I have decided to make this change at this time. But I will cover those reasons in a future post, when the change has been completed, and I feel safe freely discussing this current (soon-to-be-former) employer.

Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

Congrats. im so happy 4 u

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for you!

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