Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Almost There?

As I said in an earlier post, I've been talking with a potential new employer, and things seem to be looking pretty promising. I'll be meeting with the Divisional Manager (Vice President?) on Friday. Whether that meeting will result in an immediate or future job offer, I can only speculate. Here are some of the reasons I'm looking at making this change:
  • My daily commute would go from four hours round trip to 30 minutes (resulting in less money for gas and maintenance and more time with my family)
  • My medical benefits (which I've mentioned before here, and here) will begin immediately, and be traditional rather than an $800 annual fund for a family of four;
  • My current employer has reduced the hours for each store, causing us accomplish the same (and sometimes more) tasks in less time with fewer people;
  • I've been directed to convert two full time employees to part time this month (one of whom has been with the company for ten years), in order to cut costs;
While all of these "cost-cutting" measures are being implemented....
  • My company has given away over $150,000 in a stupid internal contest that involves answering a quiz question each day;
  • My District Manager will receive a $20,000+ quarterly bonus check this month;
  • My company recently spent millions of dollars to sponsor what turned out to be a very unsuccessful sporting event
All of these cuts at the store level, where the customer is served and the money is rang, have been made while even more cash is flowing out of the corporate offices for other reasons. Employees (including myself) are disgruntled and demotivated, while no one above the store level is bearing the pain.

And if that wasn't enough, I recently had my integrity called into question by one of the District Managers. I'll discuss that more once I'm no longer employed here, but if they have any reason not to trust my word about something, then they really shouldn't feel comfortable with me running a store for them. I know I don't feel comfortable with it anymore.


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