Sunday, June 24, 2007


It's actually 11:30 pm Saturday night as I write this. I just got home from work and don't feel like messing with the computer to make a post right now. But there's something I just have to get out, so I'm writing this post on my Palm Tungsten T3 and will post it by HotSync on Sunday.

I just went into my (almost) four-year-old son's room to check on him before going to sleep. I called him from work at his bedtime (8:30) and sang his favorite (silly) bedtime song to him over the phone. So I popped into his room to check on him. He was covered up and sound asleep, so I just lightly laid my hand on his shoulder gently as a little "goodnight." He stirred a little, shifted his position a bit, and was sound asleep once again.

At that moment I felt an indescribable emotion sweep over me. Something like love, and pride, and joy all rolled into one, with just a dash of sadness that it can't last forever -- some day my kids will be grown up.

Kiss your kids today. Tell them you love them. Play.


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