Friday, June 15, 2007

On Second Thought....

Today at work I announced to my crew that I had decided to stay with the company after all. My wife made a cake for me to take in that said "I'm Back" on it. The reactions were mixed.
  • Some people were disappointed that I was staying. These were some of the people who hoped for the possibility of being promoted as a result of my position becoming vacant.
  • Some people were indifferent.
  • Some people thought that the store would run smoother without me leaving.
  • One actually told me he was wondering if the company was just going to let a good Manager get away.
  • Another was relieved, because he wasn't sure he was ready to take my position just yet (he was the most likely replacement for me), and he was happy to have some time to focus on getting prepared to take over the store in the future.
  • Some thought I was crazy for staying after all.
  • Some (the conspiracy theorists) told me that he thinks I was asked to stay so that they would have time to train my replacement, then fire me.
It was an interesting day.

Of course, I stayed because I have a commitment from Human Resources, my District Manager, and my Divisional Vice President that I will be moved to a store within ninety days that will cut my drive time in half, that I will be put on the path to advancement to District Manager (this is scheduled to occur next week) and identified as a candidate for such, and that I will have first crack at the store closest to my home when it finally comes in need of a Store Manager.

Had I made the change of companies that I originally planned:
  • I would have taken a $7000 cut in my salary (about a $1000 more than I would have saved in gasoline, oil changes, and health benefits);
  • I would have been stuck in a store working as an Assistant Manager for very possibly the next year;
  • As an Assistant Manager I would have been closing three or four nights every week and working every Sunday.
I think things will be better in the long run this way.


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