Monday, February 26, 2007

The Turnip's Still Bleeding

I heard a confidential report recently that my company will be making some further cost-cutting measures, in addition to what I've already mentioned. First, the took away several of out benefits and put us on a plan that forces us to draw from a fund. It increased the out-of-pocket expenses of many employees. Then they took the logos off the work shirts for new Associates and cut my hours back so far that I don't have enough hours for all of my employees.

Well, I guess their next step is to fix that problem, by cutting employees. I have been given a maximum number of full time and part time employees I'm allowed to have. More specifically, there is a cap on the number of full time employees I can have, and a suggested number of part time employees. I can have more or less part timers, but I can't use more hours than what they allot me.

This cap on full time employees is -- are you ready for this? Four. That might not sound bad, but that's four, including me and two Assistant Managers! Which means I can have only one actual full time employee. These discussions will be rolling out soon, and I'm the one who has to deliver them to the employees. I've done this before with a past employer, and it never goes well.

I have to choose one employee to keep on as full time, then RIF (reduction in force) the others or offer them a part time position -- with no medical benefits, or vacation, or personal time, or sick time. Now are you seeing where the money is saved?

All of these crazy cost-cutting measures, and they have recently given away almost $100,000 to employees in a new lottery program designed to improve knowledge and awareness. I think most employees would rather have their benefits. What do you think?


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