Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter Weather Whining

I'm home today from a meeting that was canceled due to the weather. We got about half an inch of snow over night, but freezing rain has been falling all day long. My car is literally covered in a sheet of ice.

My store, which is two hours away, is open for business. If I'm to believe the reports of my Assistant Manager that is there running things for me today, it's probably the only store in town that's still open for business. Reports are that there are already several inches of snow on the ground, with several more on the way. It's just been reported to me that a snow emergency has been declared, that the roads have been closed, and that anyone who attempts to travel will be stopped and ticketed for violating the snow emergency. The area (where my store is) is under a Blizzard Warning until midnight tonight, while the area where I live is under a Winter Weather Warning.

So I'm stranded at home with my family on what is now my day off (I'll have to try to make it into work some time tomorrow if the roads are passable), while I have two Assistant Managers who are more concerned with closing the store and going home than trying to get some work accomplished and doing a little business. They don't seem to understand that the safest place to be if things are as bad as they tell me is right where they are, indoors, off the streets. They would rather take their chances out on the streets in whatever traffic there might be trying to get home.

I can understand their desire to be home. I would prefer to be home with my family. But if I was stuck there at my store, two hours away from home, I would make the best of it and see what I could get done rather than putting all of my energy into whining about the situation.

* * * UPDATE ***

I just received an update from my store that the powers that be in the company have officially closed the store for the rest of the day due to weather conditions. I guess they can all go home and whine to their own families now.


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