Thursday, February 15, 2007

Total Lack of Communication

I ranted recently about some changes within my company that put my store under the oversight of a new District Manager. It has been almost two full weeks now, and I've learned one thing: communication is not his strong point. In fact, there seems to be a near total lack of communication on his part so far. My former District Manager used to send out several emails each day. Some would complain that he emailed too much, but at least he kept us informed.

I haven't received so much as an average of one email a day from my new District Manager. I mean, not even the most basic communication from him. No response from him when I contacted him yesterday. I emailed him this morning about inclement weather compensation for the time that the store had to close, and I've still received no response. In fact, when my Assistant Manager tried to contact him on Tuesday during the storm about closing the store, he repeatedly had someone else return the phone calls and make the closing decision for him.

I just spoke with another Store Manager in my market, and he expressed the same concerns and dissatisfaction that I have. It's like culture shock to go from one extreme to the other. What I wouldn't give to have things back as they were. Change is not always a good thing.


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