Thursday, February 15, 2007

Family Sacrifices

I was talking with someone at work today about how little time I actually have at home with my family in the evenings. I get home most nights shortly after 7:00 pm. My wife will usually have dinner ready when I get there. We'll sit down as a family for 30 to 45 minutes over dinner. Every other night is bath night for the kids, which comes right after dinner time. Probably 15 minutes for my daughter, and 30 (if I'm lucky) for my son, which puts us very close to their bed time. If I'm lucky enough to squeeze in a half hour of play time with my son, then it's a good night.

As I was having this conversation earlier -- in which I didn't go into nearly as much detail -- it dawned on me that my family -- my wife and kids -- sacrifice quite a bit for the sake of my job. I doubt that I've actually shown them the kind of appreciation they deserve.


1 comment:

Your loving wife! said...

I am glad you realize it. I know that you are sacrificing a lot too to help get the things we want. Thank you

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