Monday, February 9, 2009

Vacation: Day Three - Not Lovin' It

VacationMcDonaldsDay two of vacation ended with a stop at McDonald's on the way home from Terre Haute last night. We stopped so my daughter could use the restroom, then we made the mistake of having something to eat before we left. I should have known better when my burger was cold and my fries were hard. At 3AM I found myself awake and sick, swearing off McDonald's forever.

Today, day three, is Mommy/Son and Daddy/Daughter date day. My wife will be taking our son out for a few hours today while I take my daughter out during the same time. Time for us to spend a little special time together. My son wants to go to BouncerTown, and I don't know where they'll be going for lunch. I got my son on a White Castle kick the other day -- not that he's ever gone, but he won't stop asking to go -- but I'm sure my wife won't take him there. She hasn't eaten fast food in three years, and I'm sure she won't start now.

My daughter wants to go to Chick-fil-A for lunch, because she wants to play at their indoor playland. It's just a little too muddy outside from all of the melted snow to go to a real playground. Lucky for me, I just happen to love Chick-fil-A, and think that they have the absolute best customer service in the industry. She also wants to go to the bookstore and read a few books, and who knows what else we'll do after that.

The nice thing about going on a date with a three (in May) year old is that it's an inexpensive date. She just wants to spend time with Daddy, and I could probably take her to a hardware store and walk around all day and she would be perfectly happy.

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