Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Heart PizzaOkay, so Valentines Day is almost over, but Happy Valentines Day, anyway.

I had to work today until five o'clock, so my family celebrated Valentines Day on Tuesday by going to Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Of course, there was more tonight. On the way home from work tonight I stopped at Papa Murphys Pizza to pick up a heart shaped pizza for the family. It's sort of a Valentines Day tradition for us. The family and I had a small Valentines Day celebration after I got home. For my wife and I, Valentines Day (like every other holiday) is all about the kids, not us. We're getting ready to watch a Charlie Brown special on TV.

I'm hoping to get a new episode of The Joe Show / Soapy Joe out soon. I have received several submissions from artists and have some great new tunes to share.

Speaking of sharing, my first novel will be available soon -- in paperback on Amazon, in PDF and Palm DOC eBook formats, and even in Audiobook soon. Best of all, the sequel will be out this fall. Stay tuned for updates, plus a great discount code and some bundle specials.

Hope your day was a great one!

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