Sunday, March 4, 2007

Stressed From Work

I'm one that usually deals with stress pretty well. I always have. But sometimes, I guess, things just get to be a little too much for everyone.

I'm finding myself to be pretty stressed about work lately. Since the restructuring that placed my market under a different District Manager, it's been a kind of culture shock to which I haven't completely adjusted. My new District Manager is nothing at all like the former -- management style, personality, communication, even availability are like night and day different.

To make matters worse, we've been in a sort of sales slump since the fiscal year began in February. This new District Manager has seen sales numbers that don't look good, and nothing I try to do seems to have any impact.

Sales were down today, and I find myself dreading the thought of going to work tomorrow. In fact, I find myself not enjoying my work at all anymore. It shouldn't have to be that way.

With the (seemingly) very real prospect of the company being bought out, my current unhappiness with the work situation, and the ongoing lack of time to spend with family caused by the two-hour commute, I think it's time to aggressively pursue other options.


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Wife said...

I think it is time also!

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