Monday, March 12, 2007

LP Investigation Update

If you care at all about the outcome of the recent internal theft investigation at my store, here it is -- though it should have been obvious: I called the dishonest Associate today and terminated him. Now, I normally wouldn't do a termination over the phone, but this particular Associate was terminated for admitted dishonesty. He was suspended at the end of the investigation and knew that the call would be coming soon.

It has always griped me to find that one of my trusted Associates is taking things from the company without paying for them. I've dealt innumerable cases of internal theft during my time as a Retail Manager, and they almost always come out the same. I haven't yet been wrong about an Associate whom I suspected of dishonest activity. Every one of them was either caught in the act or admitted to it during the investigation.

I'm glad to have this dishonest individual out of my store and off of my payroll.


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