Friday, March 9, 2007

Investigation Update

After nearly three hours of interviewing, my LP Investigator finally emerged to report the results of his efforts. The Associate in question admitted to what is commonly referred to as "grazing:" the act of taking snack items from an employer without paying for them, or reducing the price of them to make them more affordable, for one's own consumption. Grazing is, of course, theft. The total theft admission of this Associate amounted to roughly $25.

To make matters worse, he implicated several of his coworkers in similar activity. It is well known that when confronted with the evidence, a thief is very likely to implicate others in the hopes of either throwing the scent of his own trail or making his acts seemingly less significant. Therefore, such implications must always be treated with a sense of caution. They must, however, at the same time be taken seriously and the necessary precautions put in place to make sure that such activity doesn't occur going forward.

The dishonest Associate in question has been placed on administrative suspension until the Human Resources department can respond on the matter.

In my mind -- and in the mind of my LP Investigator -- this dishonest Associate is already a former Associate, and the act of termination is only a formality.


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