Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Never Again

"Today, I thank God for President Bush, for his Cabinet and advisors, and for the incredibly brave and dedicated and tireless men and women who are working 24/7/365 to defeat the forces of radical Islam and keep us safe. We are on offense, and it's working. We have gone 1,825 days without another major attack. That is no small thing. And I am grateful. The administration has not been perfect. It has made numerous mistakes, and it will make more. But this President understands the nature and threat of the evil we face, and we must constantly pray for him to have the courage to face it down consistently and relentlessly until victory. And we must pray for the right person to succeed him in 2009, someone who also fundamentally understands what we face and will continue to keep America on offense. For let us be clear: if we cut and run and refuse to win the war against radical Islam over there -- in the Middle East, in the heart of Islamic fascism -- then the jihadists are coming here to destroy everything we hold dear."

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