Thursday, September 28, 2006

Knee Dislocation

Knee Dislocation:
"A knee dislocation occurs when the bones that form your knee are out of place.

The bones of your calf (the tibia and fibula) get moved compared to the bone of your thigh (femur). The bones of your knee are held together by strong bands of tissue, called ligaments. For a knee dislocation to happen, these bands have to tear."
My wife just left to take our three-year-old son to see the Doctor. he woke up several times throughout the night complaining that his leg hurt. He could still walk okay and didn't seem to be injured, so we assumed he must have slept on his leg and it was just asleep. We brought him to bed with us after repeated incidents, and he slept through the rest of the night.

This morning he woke up complaining that his knee hurt and walking with a limp, favoring his right leg. We checked for swelling, and it actually looks like he may have dislocated his knees somehow (that is my highly unqualified diagnosis -- and I hope I'm wrong). I can't think of anything he may have done to cause the dislocation, unless he took a rather nasty fall out of his bed last night, but normally something like that wakes me up instantly (I'm a very light sleeper).

If you have a moment today, and you'd say a prayer for the little guy, we would all greatly appreciate it. I'm sure he'll come through it all fine, but it's his first experience with any kind of real pain, and he's a little scared by it.


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