Friday, January 8, 2010

Vacation: Day Two

VacationAnother day of unused vacation ... used.

Today was a nice, relaxing day for the most part. I got to sleep in for a change -- which for me means I slept past 8 AM. Not much, really, but that's about two hours later than I normally get to sleep. And after pulling myself from a slumber -- and a rather strange dream -- and checking my email, my senses were drawn to the breakfast table by the enticing aroma of homemade pancakes made with fresh ground wheat flour. Seriously. Delicious. My wife got the fresh ground flour from a friend of hers who has a new wheat grinder, and now my wife is aching for a wheat grinder of her own.

KerplunkAfter breakfast it was time for a little fun with the kids. The kind of fun I used to have as a child. We played a few games of Ker Plunk (remember that game?) and Tip It. Tip It was a new one for me, but proved to be quite fun, as my three and six year old kids tried to remove the little discs without causing the whole tower to tip over and spill onto the table. When we got their mother into the game, well, she proved to have the most difficulty at the game.

NachoToday was our little Nacho's three month birthday. We didn't really do anything special for him -- kind of jokingly sang "Happy Birthday" to him while he sat on my lap -- it's just hard to believe that the little booger is already three months old. And for the most part, he is already housebroken and behaves quite well (for a puppy) most of the time.

The rest of the day was spent drinking coffee (I drank about a pot and a half today -- OUCH!), relaxing, and then playing some games on the Wii. It isn't often that we get the whole family into the game, Wii which might explain some of the scores in this picture, but we got the four of us together playing Wii Sports tonight (after the kids finished fighting over Super Mario Bros). I cannot believe how good both of my kids are at games like Wii Bowling. My six year old son dominated the competition, winning every game of bowling, but my three year old daughter was incredibly good at the game. I simply cannot imagine being so good at such games when I was her age. Unfortunately, the fun came to an end when my hyper-competitive son got upset at my daughter for getting in his way and hit her in the back with his Wii remote. He was sent to bed and banned from the Wii for an indeterminate length of time -- which will probably mean the whole day tomorrow, which is okay as I want to watch the Cincinnati Bengals in the first game of the playoffs tomorrow.

Of course, no vacation for me goes without having to do a little work, and today I had to deal with writing a work schedule and arranging for the termination of one of my employees. It's not a part of the job I particularly enjoy, but after having to do it so many times and realizing that most people bring it on themselves, it starts to get easier.

With four more days of vacation left, I have lots of rest and relaxation ahead, and you can look forward to a few more boring, do-nothing go-nowhere vacation-related posts here over the next few days.

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Go Bengals!

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