Friday, January 1, 2010


Wow, that was quick. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of 2009. Strike that. It seems like just yesterday the world was all agog over theY2K bug. And now, suddely, it's 2010.

Is that two-thousand-ten? Two-thousand-and-ten? I think I prefer simply "twenty-ten." It kind of flows off the tongue. Say it with me three times: "twenty-ten, twenty-ten, twenty-ten." It feels almost natural, doesn't it?

It will be a year of great opportunities, certainly, both of a global and personal nature. Many people like to look back on the past year on this day and reflect on the good times, the bad times, what went well, and not so well. Many like to make long lists of resolutions that will be mostly forgotten before they flip the calendar page on this first month. Not me.

Good things happened in 2009 -- both of a personal nature for me and on the national and global scene. Sad things happened. Thanks to the grace of Almighty God, nothing really bad happened to my family. I won't itemize them here -- it would make for boring reading, and you really don't care, anyway.

I do look forward to great things in twenty-ten. Things like publishing my second novel, doing some home renovation projects, possibly a career change or advancement, and of course watching my family grow. I look forward to casting a vote for restored order in Washington in November. And I look forward to Christmas. Yes, already.

But, hey, twenty-ten is just twelve more pages on a calendar. It's another year to grow personally, professionally, and (most importantly) spiritually. It marks another year closer to the moment we all should be waiting for with baited breath (no, not the 2012 election, but I understand why you might think that).

Twenty-ten. It's here, for the next 365 days. Then it'll be gone, like its brothers before it, and we'll keep on trucking along. Twenty-ten. Two-thousand-ten. However you want to say it (please, never oh-ten, that's just plain bad), only you can make it a good year. Will you? I plan to.

Happy New Year!

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