Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's "Tax Penalty" Day in Massachusetts

Mitt Romney says his government-mandated health care plan is one of his most important accomplishments as governor. But what does his plan really accomplish, and is this the kind of health care plan YOU would want to be forced to pay for?

Today, November 15th, Massachusetts residents who fail to register with the government and show proof of health care coverage will be slapped with a tax penalty for this year!

For individuals, the amount will be on average $219 this year and they will receive a punitive fine as much as $2,000 over the next year.1

Small business owner? It's even worse; you'll be fined $295 per employee who isn't enrolled in Romney's government-mandated health care plan! 2

So what sort of services does Romney's health care p lan provide?

Per the state website:

$50 co-pay for abortions3

While court mandate requires Massachusetts to cover "medically necessary" abortions in state-subsidized health plans 4, Mitt Romney's plan covers ALL abortions - no restrictions.5

After it passed, Romney vetoed dental care for Medicaid recipients from his health plan, but did nothing to prevent coverage of abortion on demand for a mere $50. 6

Romney has tried to distance himself from his Hillarycare-type plan,7 but you can watch the video where he takes full credit. There's nothing conservative about Mitt Romney's health care plan. It's a government subsidized health care plan that requires citizens to register with the state, slaps working people with tax penalties, and provides $50 abortions on demand.

Contrast this with Fred:

  • 100% pro-life voting record.
  • Has said repeatedly that Roe v. Wade should be overturned.
  • Opposes embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.

Tuesday, The National Right to Life Committee endorsed Fred. NRLC is the nation's largest pro-life organization representing over 3,000 local chapters in all 50 states.

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