Sunday, September 30, 2007

Average Joe Radio Episode 44: Back On Track

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Episode Forty-Four: Back On Track

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Finally back on track -- and back on my own computer -- with a newly installed hard drive and system board. It's was a long two weeks without it!

New Jazzy Intro by Charlie Catura

Muppet Laboratories by Rob Balder of the FUMP Project, parody of Jonathan Coulton's Skullcrusher Mountain

Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton

Hello Hello by Geoff Smith

Behind the Mask by Strangers In Wonderland

One More Night With You by The Brian Setzer Orchestra (Brian Setzer, formerly of the Stray Cats)

I'm Letting Go and Bob Sells Chevrolets by Josh Woodward

Freak Flag by Ron Rutherford

Fox Guarding the Henhouse by William Brooks

50 Ways To Lose Your Luggage by Robert Lund of the FUMP Project

Another Man by Rich Palmer (inspired by J. C. Hutchins novel 7th Son)

You've Got Hogwarts by Robert Lund of the FUMP Project

Message by Shane Beales

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Ed's Mixed Bag
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