Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zero Diet Update

Zero DietMy Zero Diet over the past week hasn't been so successful. I haven't strayed from it. Staying on it is actually a pretty easy thing to do, since the only thing I'm actually doing differently from what I've always done is to make Coke Zero the only soft drink beverage (is that a redundancy?) that I drink. I get a reasonable amount of activity at work and with my two young children at home. I don't normally eat a lot of junk food, just an occasional little treat for myself. Lately, I haven't even been eating lunch at work because I've been too busy to get away for it.

But, sometimes your body acts a little differently, your metabolism varies, and you burn calories at a different rate than usual. All that being said, it's understandable that one's weight would fluctuate. This is the exact reason that so many people who diet so often, trying every fad diet that hits the pulp presses, so often fail at their fad diet attempts. They want to see immediate, miracle results with as little effort as possible.

Granted, my effort is definitely what you could call little. No increased activity, no real calorie counting, just dropping the hundreds of calories in most soft drinks for the great taste of no calorie Coke Zero. But, my weight, too, has fluctuated. At last report, I weighted in at 186 pounds, four pounds below my starting weight. Today, I tip the scales to the tune of 189 pounds. Still one pound less than I started, but three pounds more than a week ago.

But have no fear. The program continues, and I'm sure I'll see success in the long run. By the way, in case you wondered, this crazy diet scheme of mine is in no way supported by the Coca-Cola Company, or anyone else. I know sometimes it might sound like an ad for Coke Zero, but that's just because I really enjoy the drink and want to share that enjoyment with others. And hey, it worked for Jerrod, didn't it?


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