Sunday, August 5, 2007

Zero Diet Update

Time for another Zero Diet update, and this time I have progress to report!

Last weekend, with birthday cakes and ice cream, the only progress I had to report was maintaining my weight at 190 pounds. It has now been three weeks since I swore off all other carbonated soft drink beverages and began drinking Coke Zero exclusively. If I go to a restaurant that doesn't serve Coke Zero (and why not, I'd like to know), I drink water, or lemonade, or something similar. I take a couple of bottles of Coke Zero to work with me, and we try to always keep some on hand in the refrigerator at home. With my wife and i both drinking it, we can go through it pretty quickly. I probably drink more carbonated beverages now than I did before, but every single one of them is Calorie Free, something I could definitely not say before.

So with absolutely no other changes in my diet or activity disciplines, I am happy to report that I have lost a total of four pounds on my Zero Diet. That's four pounds total, but they have also all been lost in the past week.

Now this doesn't scientifically prove (yet) that the Zero Diet works. Any number of other factors could have influenced such results. Only a sustained program with similar results throughout can be interpreted as success.

I'll keep you posted and, even if you aren't trying to lose weight yourself, I encourage you to give Coke Zero a try. After getting paste the very mild after taste of the first drink, you'll find that it really does taste very much like original Coke, and much, much better than Diet Coke.

Past updates can be found here.

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