Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chaotic Mayhem

Wow, things have just started to go nuts at work. In addition to taking over a broken store that needs lots of attention, one of my Assistant Managers has just had a heart attack and will be out for several months. Don't take this as cold, I've known the guy for three years and really feel for him. He'll be undergoing surgery soon, and this isn't the first time. Keep him in your prayers.

On top of that, I got a visit at work today from my District Manager and Human Resources Rep. It seems that the unproductive Assistant Manager I had at my previous store -- the one whom I recently put on a final warning -- was worried enough about his job that he felt the urge to strike back at me. He contacted the Human Resources Department win manufactured allegations that I had uttered ethnic slurs and made comments about homosexuals. Both accusations are blatantly false!

So, it's been a fun week, and promises to be a fun couple of months ahead. I'm in the homestretch right now of a fourteen hour work day, and will be working six days a week from here on out until I can find a suitable temporary replacement to fill the void in the management ranks. Luckily, both my District Manager and the Human Resources Rep know me and my reputation well enough to know that the accusations were unfounded. It's just sad, though, to think how easily it could be for someone with a vendetta to put a person's job in jeopardy.


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