Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Zero Diet Update

Coke ZeroSo how is my Zero Diet going so far? It's been four days since my last update, and let's just say that I haven't gained any weight. Now actually, I think that's pretty good. See, yesterday was my birthday. My wife had the whole family over on Sunday as a surprise party. I grilled burgers and dogs and Indiana sweet corn. We had cake and ice cream (the leftovers of which I'm still eating), and just about anything else you can imagine.

But I drank no other soft drink besides Coke Zero. Now, there once was a time when I would have been slamming down Cokes and Mountain Dew and Vault, and whatever else I felt the urge to drink, regardless of the nearly 200 calories per serving I would have been consuming. With Coke Zero, each serving is now a BIG FAT ZERO CALORIES! And I actually enjoy the taste. It really does taste as good as original Coke!

And how, you ask, does Coke Zero taste so much better than Diet Coke? Well, according to Coca-Cola, it's because Coke Zero is made from the same formulation as original Coke, while Diet Coke is an entirely different formula altogether. The biggest difference between original Coke and Coke Zero is the sweetener.

So you can drink up and enjoy, calorie free. And, hey, any time you can make it through a birthday cake and a gallon of ice cream without putting on any additional pounds, that's a success!

You might also ask why I'm doing this -- singing the praises of Coke Zero. No, I'm not a sell-out. I receive no income from my site and accept no advertising from anyone. But think about it: if the Subway diet worked for Jerrod, maybe the Zero diet can work for Joe.


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